Easy Meal Kits are Easy to Love

Easy Meal is the most cost-effective, efficient and high-quality way Continuing Care Retirement Communities and many other organizations can meet their emergency food requirements.

State governments require facilities to have emergency food supplies and water stored for their residents. Most states require three days of supplies. Our freeze dried Easy Meal Deluxe Kit provides 25 people with food (approximately 2,000 calories per person/per day) for three days. The food meets the RDA for protein and other essential nutrients so you can feel confident you’re providing residents with well-balanced nutrition in their time of need.

Great Tasting Emergency Food

Many people may not think of freeze dried foods, MREs, and other preparedness meals as great tasting. Our meals aren’t just designed to provide adequate nutrition during an emergency. They’re also packed with delicious, comforting flavor, which is especially important during a crisis.

A representative from Oaks Senior Living, an Easy Meal Food Service client, states “The quality and taste of the Easy Meal product most surprised me, considering how it is packaged and made shelf stable.”

Easy Meal Kit Benefits

sideinfoTastes Like Home Cooking  A home cooked meal can lift spirits during stressful times. A unique advantage of Easy Meal’s food kits is that they are cooked using top-quality ingredients, then immediately freeze dried. This process captures the home cooked flavors and freshness. We offer a classic assortment of well-known meals including dishes such as lasagna, beef stew, and the always popular, macaroni and cheese. These dishes are some of the favorites amongst our Mountain House fans.

Just Add Water  To experience Easy Meal’s home cooked flavor, simply add water. In an emergency, even cold water can be used to rehydrate the food. Within 20 minutes, food returns to its original shape, color and texture, and is ready to serve.

Labor Saving  Anyone can easily prepare food for a large group using Easy Meal. The food can also be prepared in its storage pouches, so cleanup is as simple as putting the used pouches in the garbage.

Proven Shelf Life  Real-time testing has been done on our products’ shelf life. The results have been so successful that we confidently offer a 10-year guarantee on our Easy Meal products. The guarantee covers products for 10 years from the date they were made as long as the food supply has been stored unopened in a cool, dry area, and packaging has not been damaged. After 10 years a subtle change in flavor and appearance may be noticed. For best results, avoid prolonged storage at temperatures above 75° F (24° C). The product manufacturing date appears on the back of Easy Meal pouches, the bottom of the cans and on all cases.

Innovative Packaging  Our state-of-the-art laminated pouches form a barrier that keeps moisture and oxygen away from the food and gives it an amazingly long shelf life. The meals can be prepared directly in the pouches, so there are no pots to clean, saving water and staff time. The Easy Meal storage box also has a function. It is designed with a reheating compartment that supports and insulates the entrée pouches while the food is being rehydrated.

Delicious flavor. Simple to make. Cost effective. Easy to store. All this and more makes Easy Meal the smart choice for your emergency food plan needs.

Whether your facility is in the healthcare industry, the corporate industry or any other industry where an emergency food plan is beneficial, Easy Meal can help. Contact us today to request more information.


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  • We sampled Easy meal product today for lunch to rave reviews!
    Larry Cedrone - Food Service Director
    The Hearth Glastonbury, CT
  • Preparing for my annual State Survey just got a little less stressful as now I don’t have the annual burden and expense of rotating my emergency supplies every year. We are expecting our survey any day and I am looking forward to the opportunity to show them our new Emergency Food Plan from Easy Meal.
    Kevin Ford - Director of Dining Services
    Sunny View Retirement Community Cupertino, CA
  • State Surveyor inspection went really well! They were impressed with the program on how complete it is. It is very cost effective for us
    Val McVeigh - Director of Culinary Services
    Bayshore Naples, FL
  • The inspection was very thorough and I am happy to report we were deficiency-free. Thank you for your assistance in getting the Easy Meal to us so timely.
    Mark Golliday - Food & Beverage Director
    Friendship Village MO
  • I plan to put Easy Meal in all 7 of my new communities. Our emergency plan from the start.
    Chas Kelly - VP of Culinary Services
    Watercrest FL
  • I have Easy Meal. I was waving the OFD banner at the LCS Conference. I hope everyone buys it!
    Rich Yarish - Director, Food & Beverage
    Blakehurst MD
  • I've stocked the Deluxe Easy Meal packages in our emergency supplies for over a year. I suggested OFD to CPS several years ago, and recommend the product to other LCS communities.
    Michael Reese - Director of Food & Beverage
    Marshes of Skidaway Island Savannah, GA
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