Corporate Business Emergency Plan

You never know when an emergency will strike during business hours. In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, you should have an established business emergency plan to follow in order to properly assist your employees. Is there enough food and water? Should an evacuation happen? Should employees stay in the building for shelter?

Preparing for an emergency can seem like an intimidating task or one that you can put off for a while, but it’s an important one, especially for businesses. Developing an emergency response program can mitigate risk for your employees during a disaster, and ensure you have the proper resources in your toolkit to take care of your employees.

Easy Meal Food Service is your business emergency preparedness solution. We offer completely balanced, nutritious meals that are easy to prepare during an emergency when resources are limited. With just-add-water simplicity, a long shelf life, and a dietician recommended profile, our meals are perfect for your business emergency plan.

Not sure how much food you need? Our Emergency Plan Calculator can help. Simply tell us how many people you’ll need to feed for how many days and we’ll let you know how many meal kits you should order.

Importance of Business Emergency Preparedness

Having enough food during an emergency is vital to survival. In times of crisis when resources are scarce, you’ll want to make sure the food you have is fast, easy, healthy, and satisfying.

Easy Meal’s meal kits encompass all of these traits. We offer familiar, great-tasting dishes like Granola with Blueberries, Italian Style Pepper Steak, and Lasagna that can be prepared in minutes with minimal resources. All you need is hot water (or cold water with different preparation instructions) and you’ll be ready to serve comforting, satisfying meals to your employees. We offer different size kits including ones that will feed 25 people three meals for three days, and ones that contain 100 servings of a single entree.

Our Core Meal Kits are rounded out with healthy sides such as vegetables and crackers. We also offer an Accessory Kit that includes bonus beverage and snack items.

Emergency Compliance for Businesses

Local and state regulations and laws define emergency preparedness requirements, and it’s important that businesses follow these guidelines in order to meet compliance.

Typically, businesses that are heavily involved in critical infrastructure industries must have some sort of emergency procedures in place. Be sure to research the laws that are specific to your municipality and state when preparing for an emergency.

Even if your business isn’t required to have an action plan for emergencies, it’s still smart to prepare for a disaster. Unexpected incidents or catastrophes such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, power outages, and other crises can happen at any moment, so it’s best to be prepared to tackle the situation.

A proper disaster preparedness plan for businesses starts with meal planning. Make sure your employees are well-fed and cared for during a crisis with the help of Easy Meal. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your corporate emergency preparedness plan. You can also browse through our different meal kits that are available for purchase here.

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  • We sampled Easy meal product today for lunch to rave reviews!
    Larry Cedrone - Food Service Director
    The Hearth Glastonbury, CT
  • Preparing for my annual State Survey just got a little less stressful as now I don’t have the annual burden and expense of rotating my emergency supplies every year. We are expecting our survey any day and I am looking forward to the opportunity to show them our new Emergency Food Plan from Easy Meal.
    Kevin Ford - Director of Dining Services
    Sunny View Retirement Community Cupertino, CA
  • State Surveyor inspection went really well! They were impressed with the program on how complete it is. It is very cost effective for us
    Val McVeigh - Director of Culinary Services
    Bayshore Naples, FL
  • The inspection was very thorough and I am happy to report we were deficiency-free. Thank you for your assistance in getting the Easy Meal to us so timely.
    Mark Golliday - Food & Beverage Director
    Friendship Village MO
  • I plan to put Easy Meal in all 7 of my new communities. Our emergency plan from the start.
    Chas Kelly - VP of Culinary Services
    Watercrest FL
  • I have Easy Meal. I was waving the OFD banner at the LCS Conference. I hope everyone buys it!
    Rich Yarish - Director, Food & Beverage
    Blakehurst MD
  • I've stocked the Deluxe Easy Meal packages in our emergency supplies for over a year. I suggested OFD to CPS several years ago, and recommend the product to other LCS communities.
    Michael Reese - Director of Food & Beverage
    Marshes of Skidaway Island Savannah, GA
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